• Vince Rodriguez III

    Distant Training with Vince Rodriguez III star of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND MONDAYS on THE CW NETWORK!.

    Vince Rodriguez III
  • John Cameron Mitchell

    I was the official trainer on Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. I was hired by the production company to train incoming star (and Hedwig co-author) John Cameron Mitchell. We trained 3-4 times weekly for 90 minutes to prepare him for the marathon role. He won a Tony award for the role. The first time in History the same role and production received the honor twice (Neil Patrick Harris won for the role the year prior).

    John Cameron Mitchell
  • Before
    SARAH B-after

    Lost 50 lbs from Thanksgiving to July 4!

  • Before
  • Before
    “I lost 30LBS working out with Jim!”
    Annie Funke and I met while both performing in The Producers. She used to punch me in the stomach (my idea) as a core warm-up before I would enter on stage in the big Keep it Gay number. A year later she hired me to train her when she was performing opposite JAKE GYLLENHAAL. In less than six months, she lost more than 30 pounds and is currently looking fabulous on CBS’s new Criminal Minds Beyond Boarders.
  • Before
  • Before

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Jim was a great resource to help my wife and I get on a better fitness track. He was up beat and always gave great information on diets, and the muscles we were working during our exercises. Thanks Jim!

Derek + Shauna

“Jim not only does a great job of keeping you engaged during your workouts, he also educates you on all the muscles you’re working and how everything works together. He also helps me with dieting and keeping me accountable. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to get a kickstart to fitness!”

“Very knowledgeable, high energy, great guy! Would recommend him to anyone at any fitness level.”

“He is great. The work out is challenging and he always make sure that you don’t get lazy during the workouts. He is very pleasant and great to work with. You will not be disappointed!!! Any one can be trainer but can they deliver results. Jim guarantees results!”

“I have been very pleased with his services. I also have been impressed by his vast knowledge of how the different muscle groups in the body interrelate.He works with you so you can do your best in a positive way (not in the scary drill sergeant way) where you feel intimidated. He is also very patient and enables you to work harder. He fosters and encourages you all the way so you feel good about your body and yourself.”

“Jim Becker is a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. He sets a good example and is an inspiration for developing good muscle tone and staying fit.”

“Jim Becker is very understanding and enabling in that he pushes and motivates you to the best of your limits. He promotes and fosters your well being. He’s been able to help me fully understand how to work out properly ensuring great results and encourages me to push myself harder. He willingly shares his expertise with you to make the sessions fun, challenging, and a learning experience. He is easy to relate to and has a good sense of humor which is very motivating.”

“Awesome trainer, fun, energetic, knowledgeable. Be ready to sweat and workout.”

“Jim Becker is a  very conscientious and diligent trainer. He is very skilled and qualified. In addition,He is very friendly and charismatic and caters to your needs. He individually devises work-out plans to meet your goals and patiently works with you to meet them.He knows the difference between urban folklore and hard science and uses his knowledge to craft an effective program for you. He does not use a cookie cutter approach where a trainer just uses your age and weight then looks up a stock program on a computer. He pays attention to your goals, habits, metabolic type, and physical abilities. He works with you one on one to meet your goals efficiently and effectively.”

“Today’s magical number: 192.4 Weight on Jan. 11th: 207 It’s been a journey, but I would personally like to thank Jim Becker for helping get to the new me. If you are reading this, I am telling now,
contact Jim and get in the best shape of your life. I can not say enough about how great this man is. And no, I didn’t get paid to say that.“

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