Sessions are HIGH-ENERGY and a mix of a lot (HIIT, varied resistance forms, cardio training, strength training, etc). You WON’T get bored!

5:00am – 11:00am
*plus select evenings and weekends
30+ 60 MINUTE SESSIONS (Live + Online Rates)
60-minute HOUSECALLS
*excludes private/group and house calls.


FUN, FAST-PACED workout developed over the course of a decade. It’s no secret that Broadway dancers are some of the top-level athletes anywhere. We combine HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING with MULTIPLE FORMS OF RESISTANCE to get you looking SNATCHED AND READY! You don’t have to be a pro athlete to feel like one! This is the same training the pros get.

Everything is timed and we work in 30- 90 second exercises. Each athlete works to her/his maximum potential within that circuit, then we move on! YOU WON’T GET BORED!

Workouts include: Kettlebells, Free Weights, Lots of Abs, Awesome People, Motivating Music, Spinning, and much more!

WEIGH LOSS & AEROBIC FITNESS: After operated 2 successful bootcamps and teaching group fitness since the late 90’s. Expect a high intensity and motivating work out, every time!
ENDURANCE: Rowing and boxing will become your favorite. I work with many professional dancers whose jobs often depend on their endurance factor.

FLEXIBILITY: I am an ABT certified ballet teacher. I teach proper stretching to all ages.

INCREASE STRENGTH: We use various bands, weights, body-weight exercises to build an even body. Much of my training is functional and one-sided (single-leg squats, single-arm row).

MUSCLE STRENGTH: With techniques like drop setting, plyometric, isometric and negative training we’ll keep your muscles guessing and working in different ways to promote stronge

  • Train at an Awesome Local Fitness Center.
  • Skype and Internet Training Sessions.
  • Toning, Strengthening, Fat Burning sessions.
  • Private or Group Training